Welcome to Accurate Accounting

Accurate Accounting is a tax and business consulting firm in Ottawa and Toronto. We offer an integrated and comprehensive suite of accounting, personal and corporate tax, payroll, and book-keeping services to entrepreneurs, small-to-medium-sized firms, established companies, and individual clients.

Our Focus

With a focus on your professional and personal objectives, we work with you to develop a customized financial management strategy that addresses your short-term needs and long-term goals.

Accurate Accounting brings decades of additional financial experience and expertise to our clients.

Raj Sharma

Raj Sharma is the CEO and founder of Accurate Accounting. He has been in the business for over 30 years now and has, without a doubt, mastered his craft. As a sole proprietor, he manages all aspects of his business himself and is known to handle your tax concerns personally.

When you come into Accurate Accounting, you will have the advantage of discussing your matters directly with him and have the comfort of knowing you are immediately receiving consultation from an expert as opposed to going through an assistant. Raj Sharma, in essence, is Accurate Accounting and guarantees to take care of your business just as well as he takes care of his own.